The butt kicks drill is another in which its functionality has been lost in the whirlwind of routine warm-up movements. While it does indeed excel in preparing the hamstrings muscle group for exercise or competition, it should also be thought of as a strengthening exercise.


Performing butt kicks is exactly as it sounds; kicking your butt with your heels, although, there are a few key points to remember. To perform this drill effectively, stand tall and jog forward, engaging the hamstrings to bring your heels to your butt. Alternate leg strides rapidly, as to perform as many reps as possible in a short distance. Finally, Ensure that the arms swing through their full range of motion.


The benefits of performing butt kicks include, strengthening the hamstrings, training them to forcefully and rapidly contract by improving the efficiency of the type-II fast twitch muscle fibers.


The SpeedMaker Enhances this drill by promoting post activation potentiation when it is performed during a warm-up, prior to competition.


Please view the video below, in which I demonstrate and describe how to perform the butt kicks drill. Thank you again for visiting the SpeedMaker blog, please comment with thoughts, questions, or drills and exercises that you would like to see in the future.